About Us

Hi there and welcome to our little corner of the internet. We are two Welsh weirdo's that love Sci-fi and talking nonsense.

I (Tania - the smaller one), love posing questions to Lee . At least once a day I will start a sentence with 'what would happen if....'so it seemed only natural to force a microphone in front of Lee's face and record our own podcast.

Each week Tania will describe a world where our normal rules don't apply. This could be a world where a third of the population is telepathic or a world where the only god that is worshiped is a honey bee. How would this alter our views on science, population, art and culture? Lee and I will talk it through (while having a few sneaky tipples) and see what we think would happen. Utopia, Dystopia or Midopia ? Listen along and help us decide.
In the beginning....(mini us)

21 years later

Follow us and keep up with our shenanigans:

Instagram : @doodlezilla_ (This is Tania's Instagram and she'll post a drawing per episode)

Twitter : @Drinks_Dystopia

Email: Drinksanddystopia@hotmail.com


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